Cultivating Self Love

I'm sure we all had that moment when we feel as though we have committing ourselves into too much, we threw ourselves into things too quickly and deeply, and ended up feeling as though we don't have enough time, we don't have enough energy. I'm sure we have all felt it before, we aim to please so hard, we end up sacrificing our own happiness.

Do we love ourselves? How much do we love ourselves? How do we love ourselves more?


Here are some of the things I do to remind myself to stay right in the center, and not allowing my innit pursue to pleasing others and archiving some career/physical goal to get in the way of letting myself be happy:

* This is a new series of blog where instead of rambling on, I'll share some tips and ideas on what you can do as well, to get a healthier and better mental and physical health.



1. Meditation

Our mind is so used to having stimulations all the time, to a point that it is obsessed with it. Perhaps you have tried being so restless being idle; perhaps you have caught yourself closing an app and immediately opening it again.


Movement is medicine. We all know that - if you don't have a physical practice of any modality, it may be a good idea to start one now. It doesn't have to be yoga, perhaps for you it is running, perhaps for you it is hula hopping. Start from a small dose of movement to condition your muscularskeletal body into being lubricated, being smooth again. 


Get your own sacred, personal, non-doing space. 

Dedicate time in your daily routine to have 10 minutes of doing nothingness. No looking at the phone, no being on the computer, no cooking, talking, planning. Try to sit somewhere that you feel safe and undisturbed, and observe.

4. Go Upside Down

At the very beginning of me teaching yoga I was so nervous every time. One trick that I learned was to do a Downward facing dog before going into class. 

5. Decide your anchor

It has long been discussed that minerals are energetically aiding us. I have numerous palm stones and tumble stones, whether or not the stones has energetic properties, I am not going to discuss here, but what I find very useful is the shear act of palming an object, in my case, a mineral stone.

I hope no matter which ones draw to you more, you will find a little something that helps. 

Let me know what you would like me to write about by commenting below, or sending me a message at Have a wonderful day.

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