Love every moment

When that single minute of sun ray shines onto in the middle of practice. I smiled to myself and made my day a little brighter.

I love the sun. I never thought I would end up in a country this north, and this dark for the majority of the year.

I remember very distinctly 7 years ago, backpacking around in Europe and having a sort of realisation why in ancient times sun was worshipped and often seen as a source of divinity.

I never realise how lucky it is to grow up in Hong Kong, being so close to the equator, we more often than not complains about the warmth, the humidity. Having grown up in a place where substantial amount of sunlight is normality, the first winter in Scandinavia was a rough one.

First I realise I miss the colour, then I realise I miss being outside, and I realise I miss being energetic.

It took me a good two years to get used to the colour spectrum of the winter colours here. It took me even longer to start appreciating the change of seasons.

Danish people have this mentality of practicality. On the darkest day of the year, they go – great, now the days are starting to get longer. On the brightest day of the year they go, now we will get ready for the days getting darker. Living in a climate where season, weather, lights are in a constant change, I think, has shaped a lot of the attitude and mentality in people. It teaches you to be buoyant, to be resilient, to be practical. And that, I love about the Danes and living in Denmark.

For life is an interesting constants of fluctuation. There are days, weeks and months where I feel active, in need to exhaust the energy. Some days I just feel like resting, watching a video on YouTube and doing absolutely nothing.

There was once where I would spend hours on end to practice asana every single day, and now I am devoted to my meditation practice and only practice my asanas twice or three times a week.

Do I miss it? Yes. I miss loving my mat so much and never want to leave. I miss being in such tip top shape in my body and everything feels easy peasy.

But such is not what I need nor where I am at right now.

Stages of life is like the different colour spectrum of the rainbow, once my stage was red, now it has moved onto a different colour, different energy. Red was beautiful but so as the one I am in right now.

Loving the moment you are in, the colour that is you today and loving that there is the future colour you will experience and turn into.



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