Young and beautiful

We are only as young as we are today. And we are forever beautiful.

This realisation is especially true when you are meeting, working, talking with people who are going through something you can recognise and resonate, probably from experiences in life.

I love it when I am training or am chatting with people who have the ideal, the love, the passion, and the innocence of what I had. I love when I come face to face with the realisation that I have been there, in the exact same perspective, and that there are always someone who is talking to me, thinking the exact same thing.

Life, in all its stages, are to be appreciated. We are all so very right in the moment, to the best of our capacity. Even though it might only last for this short period of time.

And then life moves on. And you find another little something to be so very inspired and passionate and biased about, and then you move on. It’s an endless cycle of metamorphosis.

I love how wrong sometimes I can think people are, as much as how right I would think myself at the moment. I love when we are all so correct, in our perspective, in our space in time, yet we come in to the same parallel, and have a conversation about it.

And the importance, the lesson to me, is that all these universes are so very true, so very beautiful, and so very necessary.

When I say, as a general believe, that I love and really appreciate all people who are in their perspectives, their mindsets, their stages, I mean it in the very extend of it.

Be it that you are depressed, be it that you are cocky, be it that you are passionate, be it that you feel weak. Maybe you look at life and people around you cynically, maybe you look at life full of passion, maybe you are just getting by. Life is just so beautiful, and correct, and righteous, in every single moment of it.

And it is only when you look at every individual that you come across, and try to put yourself in their shoes, then you realise how beautiful the experience they are going through, and how our individual ideals, perspectives and understanding only forms a small fraction of this real truth and reality that we communally live in.

We are only as young as we are today. And we are forever beautiful.

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