Luna, lovely Luna.

Do you feel it in your system? I feel soft, void of active energy today. And for the first time in quite a long time, did my first full yin practice. It just felt right, it felt necessary.

All this last eights days have been a continuous, brain exhaustion. I haven’t had a day off since last Tuesday.

Feeling at the end of the line, feeling overwhelming by passing over my old job, shaping up the new little space, my multiple websites, making plans to fit a social life and looking for a new job.

Sometimes what one can do is to just endure. Some times your brain will just refuse to shut off, no matter how hard you try, how many tools you employ.

And at times like this I wanna run, run into the mountains, into my own cocoon. Let the storm be on its own, making waves and remaking nature, let me be selfish and hide in my cave, shut off the lights and sleep over all the bumps, the hurdles, the rough patches. And let this bumpy ride rock me into a deep, deep space of my own.

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