So here’s the thing: I just taught a what I thought to be amazing class today.

In sandy’s self grading system, classes are separated into meh, good, great and amazing.

It doesn’t necessarily had anything to do with the flow, what poses, what feedback, but the general sensation that I get: the more synchronised I feel in the energy between me and the student, the higher the ranking goes. And this was the first amazing class I’ve taught in months.

Good classes give me a recognition from my mind, great classes give me a energy burst and amazing classes give me a recognition, a learning from my soul. And the tricky thing is, you don’t choose to teach amazing classes.

It has nothing to do with prep work, there is no guarantee if you practice or meditate you will get it. You just simply have to have the right amount of chemistry in the class, the openness, the energy amongst all those in the room.

Thinking back, I seem to remember teaching amazing classes a lot more often back when I didn’t teach this much. I don’t know if this was to do with frequency, to do with me finally getting my upper spine freedom back, or to do with me getting go of my studio managing job.

Yes, just this last week I made the decision of committing into what I’ve wanted to do for some months now. It was a scary decision, it’s no good for money and it was emotionally a little painful as well.

It is not until yesterday I realise we found someone to fill in for the job. And life goes on just as normal.

Could it be the unpronounced stress, the muscle that’s tucking from my thinking over clock brain that’s stopping my upper spine to find the freedom? Could it be just a coincidence?

Life is more philosophical, in many ways, I think, than real philosophy. (Don’t quote me, I’m making this up as I go) the tightness in the mind, is a metaphor to the tightness in the skin of my skull, and it is affecting the tightness of my spine.

This vessel that is made of meat and bone, you see, are no difference than the vessel that we think to be sitting inside of our skull, in our chest. And there isn’t a relationship quite as fluid, and as one, as it is between our bodies and soul. There IS no body, no soul, just the one unit.

Find the spaciousness in your very own cocoon of existence, and the expansion, doesn’t come from the space within our meat suit, it expands in fact as one, without boundary, without a fixed shape, and is ever fluctuating from one small fraction of a moment to another. You gotta break the walls of your house, walk the outside of the edges of the path, in order to find space, find room to expend.

Let the walls of the house to be dispersed, let the stone side walk of the path to wash away, let the limit to what your one can be to evaporate. Be free, float, elevate, transcend. Dropping the weight of the burden, of the worries, of the “realities” and let the wind carry you, light as a feather, floating like Peter Pan.

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