Home made tofu and soya milk

When I was small my mum used to make her own soya milk. I never understood. Soya milk is cheap where I am from, and widely available.

Living in Scandinavia has triggered my wish to have more soya products, the silky, sold everywhere tofu, the tofu skins, the tofudella. And tofus are expensive here, boy oh boy are they expensive.

So I decided to go on my venture to make my own tofu.

The adventure started with my finding the soya beans. Believe it or not, soya beans are not so easily found in supermarkets here, at least I never personally was able to find them. So I ordered my soya online, borrowed a big pot from my in-laws. And I was ready to go.

Before we start the recipe, I have to say making tofu or soya milk is a messy process. I had soya piece everywhere in the kitchen. And because of my lack of proper pressing equipment, my tofus were falling apart in the edges a little bit.

But hey, I tried and I liked the trying.

Here’s what I needed:

  • 1 kg of soya, soaked over night
  • Close to 3 litres of water
  • Lemon juice, 150 ml
  • Cheese cloth
  • Sieve
  • Big ol’ pot (I had one but it would have been better to have two)

What I did was:

  • First I soaked the beans overnight, taking out the bad looking one

  • Rinse and cover beans with enough water, blend. I blended everything until smooth, added the remaining water and proceeded to bring the pot on the stove

  • I then boiled the mixture over high heat with a constant stir until it comes to a boil
  • The mixture is to simmer for another 20 minute once it’s boiling. You need to keep stirring the whole time. Boiling soya mixture is a tricky business and it burns and boil over very easily.
  • After 20 minutes of boil I take my pot off and let it cool. Let the mixture cool considerably before you proceed
  • I grabbed a cheese cloth (use a sieve if you have one, I didn’t and regretted greatly) and filter out the fibers of the soya bean from the mixture. Dont throw these away, they are called okra and is a good replacement to meat. Season well and fry as replacement to minced meat.
  • When I got my soya milk I take some out for drinking and return the rest onto the stove to boil again
  • When the soya milk has started to smoke up, not quite bubbling I took the heat off (remember to still keep stirring the whole time)
  • Then I put my prepared lemon juice in , stir well and let it sit

  • As your soya milk starts processing it will turn to look something like this.
  • I then carefully not breaking the piece transferred the mixture to a mold lined with triple layered cheese cloth. I used a plastic box that comes with grapes here. But it is better if you have one of those tofu moods. You need a box like shape that’s deep and with drainage holes underneath.
  • After I transferred the liquid to a good height. I folded the clothes over and place heavy object on top. Now my mistake was not having an exact size object to weight so the pressure was uneven. I also didn’t use heavy enough press in the beginning so it took me a while to form the tofu into the right shape.
  • Let pressed until the texture is desirable (between 20 – 40 minutes)
  • Soak tofu in salted water and refridgate up to 4 days

This was a messy project but it was also my first try. The result is very creamy soya milk and not very firm tofu.

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