Believe, and it will come

For a while I’ve been noticing the natural manifestation in my life.

Three years ago I started falling in love with yoga, and then I thought to myself, I would like to be a yoga teacher. At the time I was working in a university, doing design, videos and art. 8 months later this studio I was practicing at made a promotion in the class about their teacher’s training, so I shrugged my shoulder, take out the savings I have from the years of working, and went for it.

Last winter I grew tired of my desk job, and I thought to myself, I wish I was teaching yoga full time. And here I am, teaching my 13 classes a week a few months later, and having to refused some of the classes offered because I cannot fit them all in my schedule.

I’ve been stressed lately, 13 classes a week, 19 a week, 14 a week. It doesn’t sound a lot but think about it, 75 minutes class + 40 minutes before and after + 50 minutes bike ride. It takes about 165 minutes for each class and times that to 13, I have 35 hours work week. That, and on top of the self managing and side jobs I’ve taken on.

And that was actually what I wanted, I wanted to use these two months, to try and see where my limits are. So I took close to no day offs, and was accepting any classes offered to me as long as the schedule fits. And I’m on my 13th day without a single day off.

I’m tired. I wished for working smarter, but not working more.

As I am wiggling with my schedule, my schedule wiggles with me. Summer is coming, schedules in some places are changing, and I realise I’ve came to have to choose, between places that I love, that pays well, to places that maybe doesn’t pay as well, and I felt I didn’t fit in. When I first realise the schedule are colliding, I thought, oh snap, how am I to make ends meet? 

But hey, is this not the universe, matter, god’s, whatever you wanna call it’s way to telling me I’ve gotta have to choose. And it is for the better.

And then I got an offer to a job that has nothing to do with yoga, something I can do at the desk, and can be a supplement to the teaching.

You see what I’m getting at?

I shouldn’t forget to follow my gut, and neither should you.

In my stress, in my doubt, in my worries, I had at moments forgotten that it will come, that it will be fine. I let myself be stuck in I HAVE to do this, I let myself to be stuck in if I don’t do this I won’t make enough money for the month.

But the truth is, everytime I follow my gut, everytime I say no to things I don’t feel comfortable with, new opportunity pops up. The only thing that was stopping myself was me.

And I KNOW this, time and time again, years and years of my ventures, following my gut has never proved me wrong. And my thoughts, my true desire and believe, have always worked itself out to come into reality.

So believe, and believe it hard, let it sink into the bottom of you gut, and trust that it will become reality.


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