Treat of the day 

This is me, soaking in a foot bath, after a long working day.

Every since my deadly week of Easter teaching that sets the record of 19 classes a week, I’ve been allowing myself to take up to 3 classes a day. And with the hard wood flooring, walking off the mats around class, me being a little bit of a wuss, my feet hurts after these 3 classes days.

Ever had one of those incidents where you focus so intensely, you forget your own physical state? Well while I’m walking around making sure people are focusing on their own body, most of the time I forget about my own.

The good thing though, is I get to get a little treat of foot bathing. Foot bath has long been considered an effective remedy in the Chinese medicine. It is thought to increase blood and chi flow through infusing the bathing water with herbal medicine, and letting it seep through the major meridian points located at the bottom of your feet. In traditional Chinese medicine, your feet are very important, much like a tree, our torso is the trunk of the tree and our feet are the roots of the tree. How does the tree get healthy if not for healthy roots?

On top of that, it is just a really good reason to get this treat of the day anyway.

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