The star waves 

Locked and loaded for London in the fall. 

It will be the third TT in two years for me. A little addicted, you say? But man this practice is broad. It is wide. And there are much to learn. 

As I was waiting for my guilty pleasure pop corn today, I couldn’t help but fantasised about being there already, being in London, sharing where I came from (as far as yoga, not so the literal location), what I want to achieve and bring to Copenhagen’s yoga scene. And then I thought to myself, with amusement, that I could actually say I’ve been teaching for two years in November. And I thought, wow. And here I am, feeling like I’m barely at the shore of this big ocean of wisdoms called yoga. Here I am, only started to be comfortable with teaching and starting to structurally think about the physical attributes I want to bring, the psychological attribute, the long term benefits of doing certain things certain way, to be naturally thinking about the why. 

And then I thought of the talks I had over the weekends with my teaching buddies, not just this weekend but in general, the conversations i have with people I can call yoga colleagues. And the various conversation I have between a under-taught teacher (as in a teacher who teach very little) and a moderately taught teacher and a experienced teacher. The difference is huge. 

The concerns, the level of discussions are different. The understanding of ones role as a teacher is different. Of course it is about the comfort level and all that, but most of all, what changes is how the teacher places herself/himself differently in the class. The role that one thinks he/she has. And then I thought of those that I have met. Those who have been taking the many different kinds of training but taught very little. And then I wondered, what that was like, and what it is that kept them from teaching, what is it that kept them to taking more teachers trainings. 

If you are one of those who is trained but have not been teaching. Of those I know, or those that I haven’t met. I say, go out there and teach. And keep teaching some more. 

The teaching of such a craft like we do is an interesting one. The teaching in itself is a realisation, a maturation. Not just to the techniques or mere sequencing, cuing and hosting a class, but to your understanding of the practice, of the yoga system itself. 

It is by the teaching I start to let go of my ego. It is by the teaching I start to learn to become the humble servant to my students, to the people around me. It is by the teaching I start to understand what I think is the true nature of yoga. 

Yoga is not a practice about me as a teacher, not about the physical attributes of a class, not about the various spiritual quotes and darma talk you can come up with. It is not a practice about this one wonderful class you taught that one time. It is not a practice about individuals. It is not even a practice about the students. Yoga is about this many coming and going of the journey. The journey of an individual. The journey of the community together. The journey of all these different journeys crosses path, at one point in time, in these classes. It is almost like the currents of beautiful, glowing stars, flowing, collecting and disassembling, the beautiful wave that it forms, the reminisce when it leaves. And yet we all go through the paths into the various places that we are, however meant to be. 

The buoyancy, the elasticity, the strength, the calmness, the inwardness are what we are prepping ourselves for just being, being in these journeys. 

Thank you, whoever is still reading up til this point, for your patience, for your interest, for you. And thanks for reading my massive ramble of the day. 


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