Second month in 

Second month into my full time teaching life is good. Before I committed to do this full time I was worried. Worried that I get burned out and get tired of it. Worried that I don’t have enough energy and knowledge to sustain teaching everyday. 

This is my forth week into teaching almost everyday. Some times two, or even three a day. It doesn’t become harder but easier. And of course it does. How would one do one thing so often and find it even harder? 

The classes are becoming better, I can tell. I’m paying more attention to adjusting my teaching every class I teach, so in a way, I’m improving myself class by class. I love how my students are constantly informing me in their reactions, in their feedback, how I can do better. The clues are all there 

As my second month in, my goal is to keep learning more and more and more. 

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