Stay humble, keep learning 

The day is about studying. No matter what class it is, there is always something to learn. 

You know how I mentioned the other day about feedback? You know what? I think if one’s intention to a class is to assess and to provide “feedback”. One has already aligned oneself onto a certain path in that class. And I guess that’s why this giving feedback habit or by force baffles me a little bit. 

Aren’t we all different? Aren’t we just presenting what we believe is a good way to practice this craft we all love and believe in? 

No matter the class, no matter who teach, no matter the style or methods if I agree with, there’s always something to learn. Not as in “learn not to do it” but more the positive note. You know how that teachers voice bothered me in the soft class? She had a good voice, she was clear, she took control of the classroom and she was attentive. That’s the learning and THAT should be the focus of going to others classes. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree with the way one does certain asana, yoga is not about asana anyway. It matter though, is if you are open to receive whatever learning there is in that class.

Stay humble, keep learning. 

– Sandy

Feel the support. It’s not either actively pressing or passively hanging. Feel the support, bring your shoulders towards your sitbone, reach your spine long and forward. And inhale for one, exhale pull your navel in, inhale for two, exhale pull your navel in, inhale for three…

And there is the upper spine fun that I absolutely love. 

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