“That double edge sword” 

Fellow yoga teachers, ever got that feedback after class that even though you thought you were ready for, you weren’t?

I sometimes ask for feedback, admittedly not often enough but I want feedback, at least that’s what I think I want. Most people are extremely kind to these kind of thing. I, for one, am not that honest on the negative feedback and when asked, I focus on the positive side of the feedback.

Take this soft class I took the other day, quite the opposite of what I like in this type of class. And to be quite honest I was pretty annoyed at the teacher for taking up too much space, too dramatic and energetic – almost the opposite approach to how I teach this type of class.

And of course I teach a class a certain way because I believe that’s how it should be done. So in some ways, the teaching we present, has a quite substantial degree of our true believe, our own preference in it.

So when I went up and felt obliged to give feedback I just focused on the good things, largely omitting the part that I was in fact, for the most class distracted and a little annoyed.

But we do want to know the other side and don’t want to teach in a vacuum right? How do we learn as teachers if all we hear is what you are doing now is exactly right and perfect? Isn’t that in a way a little bit of a ego stroke?

So what is this dealio about getting not so positive feedback? Is it my ego that is too big that I am bothered by it, or is it that it is challenging my believe of a good class? And when do one take feedback at heart? When do you adjust base on the feedback? And when do one go, that’s unfortunate that it wasn’t a class to your preference?

Often times we say, students will choose their own teachers. All we can do as teachers, is to give it the best shot, the honest shot and see what happens.

– Sandy

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