So you don’t have time for yoga?

Maybe it’s not yoga, maybe it’s dance, maybe it’s a stretch. Did you ever catch yourself saying you haven’t got time for it?

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m a computer junkie. It’s a hard pressed habit from my designer times and I can sit, literally 5-6 hours straight without having any toilet breaks, food breaks, walking breaks. And my spine hates it in the end. And it is also why I gave up working at a desk and decided to be teaching yoga full time instead.
But even as happy and free like us yoga teachers, some times there are needs for you to sit in front of the computer. I’m not sure if you have ever experience the feeling that your screen is sucking you life out of you. And even though you have looking at literally nothing, it is almost impossible to unpluck?

What to do what to do.

I’ve recently discovered this app called “time out” that reminds you to take breaks. You can customise any number of things. Length, duration, what it says and so on.

Ever wonder why one class segment is only 45 – 60 minutes each? Our human brains can only remain very focused for around 45 minutes at a time. Anything beyond that will decrease your productivity.

So instead of carrying on for hours at a time. I’m now forcing myself to take my mini yoga break. Even if your work place doesn’t allow you to do stuff like this. You can still get up and open your chest or take a quick stretch on your hammies and whatnot.

Don’t let your physical location limit your mental space. AND the requirements of your body.

– Sandy

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