New path

I love this work that I do, this wonderful exploration of the world of yoga. Active yoga, passive yoga, hatha yoga, vinaysa yoga, muscle yoga, restorative yoga. There’s always a new space around the corner, a whole new world.

While starting to study the hard to digest, “dense”, as Tom Meyer himself described it, Anatomy trains, the meridians, muscles, anatomy and so on. I’ve started to embarked, or so it seems, on a whole new inspiration on restorative and therapeutic yoga. Best thing? Students love it! We don’t always need muscle, we don’t always need hard works, sometimes we need the long soft exhale that allows you to just go “ahhh” and release. Life is a balance, it’s about the tough, uplifting stuff, but as much about the slowing down, releasing stuff. Inhale and exhale, yin and yang.

I love how this has embarked into a journey that seems to be something I’ve unintentionally been doing anyway in the class, how it fits to much in what I believe in a practice. And I am VERY, and I mean VERY excited to start pursuing this new path that has been shown to me. Not from necessity, not from the sometimes disturbing thought that “this is the yoga that’s gonna make money” but from my deepest curiosity and agreement. This, is where I think the yoga is.





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