Don’t buy, make em

Eye pillows are fantastic. For years I’ve neglected the joy of using them in my relaxation. Partly because I haven’t got one at home, partly because I’ve been using my beloved platypus as my eye pillow instead.

But lying in my supta baddha konasana today, I couldn’t help but wished I had a little something heavy that really melts me down. So that poor person in me expanded her creativity and went into my sock drawer and made my own damn eye pillow.

So here’s all that you need:

  • A clean sock (but use the dirty one by all means, if you wish to)
  • A rubber band
  • A wide mouth jar/container
  • Some beans (I used mung beans because I have them but you can use anything, rice, lentils, as long as they don’t powder and won’t make you allergic, they will work just fine)

So get your sock and put it in your container. Stretch out the opening so you can pour easily.

The next is easy and very obvious. Pour, tug, tie. The only trick is making sure the place you tie is quite a lot higher than where the level of your beans (or rice) is. The pillow should drape and not be a solid sausage form.

Pull the open end back and wrap around the base
Enjoy! 😁

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