I love my boss and teacher. We always seem to have these nice long talks that go beyond just yoga but into life, into what we think as the philosophical aspect of yoga is, into inspirtuality, into family life, men and mostly happy things but something not very nice things.

Today we talked about the death.

Are you one of the people who dislike when a teacher cue “death pose” or “corpse pose”? Are you one of the teachers that cues “savasana” instead to avoid the discomfort to the student?

What is the stigma with “death”? It’s the unknown, it’s the after life, and it seems to be scary to some people.

Are you scared of death? Are you scared of death for yourself? For the animals around you? For the people around you?

Isn’t death a very only, by the nature of what we are, goal of life? We all lead different paths until, we all get to that place. That unknown.

Maybe there is a place after. Maybe not.

With or without the next part, when your current part ends, does that still matter? Do we need to leave a legacy, a name, a fortunate. Whatever it is. Do we fear to have to see an end to it all?

Are you scared of death?

Image: a beautiful death by Terry Fan

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