My name is Sandy

And I am in love with yoga.

I am a Yoga teacher based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I am from Hong Kong my birth name is Tsz Yan 芷欣, which means happy.

My teaching journey started in 2015 and I continue to study various yoga styles, physiology and biomechanics from teachers that inspires me. Yoga classes with me is fascinated with intelligent alignments, hands on assisting, use of props and long and juicy relaxations. I like to stress the balance between strengthening and restoring; just like inhales and exhales, yin and yang, I believe working hard is equally important as relaxing hard.

I am also the co-founder of non-profit initiative The Yoga Gang and private yoga space Grandma’s Livingroom.

Want to know how I teach? Find my open classes in these places.


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2015  Heated and non heated Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training 200 h w. Marie Louise Harvey (RYS-200)
2016 Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 h w. JoPhee Yinspiration (RYS-50)
2017 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training for teachers (intensive) 33 h w. Anna Ashby and Chris Swain
2017 Finding Silence, Restorative Yoga Workshop & Teacher Training Level 1 15 h w. Lizzie Lasater

Workshops and other courses
15 h Lifestyle Design and Practice workshop w. Jordan Bloom
6 h Therapeutic Yoga workshop w. Jordan Bloom
15 h Move From Love workshop w. Meghan Currie
2 days workshop with Jason Crandell
15 h Tricara Therapeutic Yoga Training w. Ross Rayburn
5 days Yin Yoga immersion w. Victor Chng
Sensitivity – a workshop for yoga teachers w. Birgitte Gorm

Art of Adjustments online course w. Yogamaze
BodyReading – Webinar w. Tom Myers

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+45 42736220

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